क्या ट्रांसप्लांट किए गए बाल गिरते हैं (Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out After Surgery) | (In HINDI)

क्या ट्रांसप्लांट किए गए बाल गिरते हैं (Does Transplanted Hair Fall Out After Surgery) | (In HINDI)

Does hair shed after a hair transplant? Is this normal? Or does this mean that your transplant is failing? There are different reasons for hair to shed after a hair transplant. So let us see what are the different reasons for this and what you can do about them.

The first and most common is shock loss. Shock loss after a hair transplant can be either temporary or permanent. Temporary shock loss may be caused by trauma to the scalp, but hair regrows after temporary shock loss. During shock loss, even the native hair around the recipient area may shed.

During FUT, the blood flow around the donor area gets disrupted and this may result in temporary hair loss. But you don’t need to get tense as this will not act as a hurdle in the growth of your transplanted hair.

The next occurrence is shedding. All our hair goes through a growth cycle. In this growth cycle, they go through anagen or growth phase, catagen or transitional phase, or telogen or shedding phase. This cycle creates new hair, and during this phase transplanted hair goes through a regular routine shedding phase and they fall so that new hair can grow in their

This is very normal and part of normal and healthy hair growth. Shedding can happen up till 1-5 weeks after hair transplant. If your hair continues to shed even after this phase, you should consult with a surgeon.

Then in some cases, your grafts can also get rejected. Sometimes grafts don’t survive or the grafts are not implanted correctly. This may cause the body to reject grafts and destroy the transplanted tissue. Other than this, some surgeons are inexperienced and some clinics are not equipped to handle hair transplant surgeries.

In the process of getting more grafts, they extract grafts even from the non-permanent zone. These grafts are sensitive to DHT.
This causes the transplanted hair to shed and the hair transplant fails. To avoid this, it is essential to choose an experienced surgeon and a well-equipped clinic.

Our donor area changes as our age increases, the hair may thin out and the density may also reduce. This may happen to transplanted hair also and they may thin out. In some cases, it is observed that even if the grafts are taken from the permanent hair zone, like in FUT, they may still shed. This is called recipient dominance, that is over time, the hair takes the characteristics of the recipient area and becomes sensitive to DHT. To prevent this, you will have to maintain your hair well. These are a few of the common cases in which patients lose their hair after a hair transplant.

In the end, you must take good care of your scalp. You should keep your scalp clean, take some precautions while sleeping, not do any strenuous activity for a while, protect your scalp and avoid wearing a helmet or cap for a

Your surgeon will also give you some instructions that you should follow like which medicines you should take, what to apply on your scalp and how to protect your scalp. We have made videos on post hair transplant care and probable side effects. You should definitely watch them.

It is normal for hair to shed after a hair transplant in some cases. But you should check if this is routine shedding or hair loss. You have to take care of your scalp and protect it from trauma.

Do you know about shock loss after hair transplant?

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