✅ Early Signs of Balding in Young Men – Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

✅ Early Signs of Balding in Young Men – Men’s Hair Loss Solutions

Ever wondered/worried if you are going bald? This video is going to be a goodie for you!
I really wanted to give you a bit of context as to why I’m generating this type of content for you guys. I’ve said this a lot but male pattern baldness isn’t affecting all of us right now but it will have an impact on more than 50% of us before we are 50 which is so scary.

I find that fact alone so frightening and I think the more that you guys know about it the better. I understand it might not be relevant right now to a lot of you but yeah. I also really wanted to ask was if you could give me feedback in the comment section, even if you don’t like this video, just give me feedback on what you think and what kind of things you would like to see. I’m trying to find the best content pieces that I can for you guys and the more help that I have from you, the better. I’ve also just put little Easter eggs of signs of hair loss that you need to lookout for in the case that you think you’re going bald, okay?

Keep an eye out for all the hair loss solution tips and I hope you enjoy this video.

Just for a bit of a recap for what’s covered in this video:
We have a good look at a mens hair piece up close and how it works.
We talk about why a hair piece is a great hair loss treatment for men.
We talk about the average pricing of a mens hair piece.
We also cover how to apply a mens hair piece.
And how to apply a mens hair piece.

As for the early balding symptoms, here are the ones I’ve planted throughout the video for you:

Hair Loss Sign #1
More Hair Fall Than Usual.
It’s normal to lose 100 – 150 hairs per day. If you start noticing more hair fall than usual, you may need to investigate it further.

Hair Loss Sign #2
Your Hair Strands Appear Finer
Male pattern baldness is caused by a hormone called DHT AKA dihydrotestosterone. Too much DHT production essentially strangles your follicles until they completely die off. The two places this becomes noticeable at first is the crown of the head and the temples. The faster you act when noticing finer hair, The more likely you are to reverse your hair loss completely.

Hair Loss Sign #3
You Can Start to See Your Scalp.
Unless you naturally have really fine hair, you shouldn’t be able to see your scalp.

Hair Loss Sign #4
Your Hair is Growing at a Much Slower Rate Than Usual.
Excessive DHT is causing the follicle to become more & more unhealthy. An unhealthy follicle means slower growth.

Special hair loss tip: Act as soon as you notice a difference in your hair and trust your own judgement
over others because you know your body better than anyone…

Thank you so much for coming to watch and always your feedback is most certainly welcome 🙂

Yours in good hair,


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