3 *SHOCKING* Viviscal Ingredients (Side Effects Review) Shampoo Does it Work?

3 *SHOCKING* Viviscal Ingredients (Side Effects Review) Shampoo Does it Work?

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RedRestore.com talks about the *MAGIC* ingredient behind Viviscal hair growth vitamins. We also cover some side effects you need to know before starting treatments

We all know that supplements can improve your health, but can they also help to improve your hair?

Viviscal is a hair growth supplement that claims to improve hair growth.

It contains a mixture of proteins, fats, and other nutrients that come from marine sources.

Marine complex supplements have been shown to help improve hair growth and follicle health.

This is thought to occur through the enhancement of dermal papilla cells.

Dermal papilla cells play a key role in the hair growth cycle and any enhancement of them may help to treat hair loss.

But just how effective is Viviscal?

One study from the Abalon Skin Institute and Research Center investigated just how effective Viviscal’s ingredients are, delivering a marine complex supplement to participants with androgenetic alopecia.

This double-blind, placebo-controlled study found that participants saw a significant increase in hair count and density after 180 days of marine complex treatment.

The researchers specifically found that marine complex supplementation resulted in significant improvements to terminal hair count and density as well as vellus hair count.

While Viviscal is 100% drug free and clinically tested supplement, it is possible to experience some side effects.

Viviscal contains vitamin C, which is a common dietary supplement.

Because of this, there may be a risk of patients ingesting too much vitamin C, which can lead to stiffness and headaches.

And since one of Vivisal’s key ingredients is derived from marine sources, there is a risk of reaction for those allergic to fish and shellfish.

It’s also possible to experience nausea after taking Viviscal due to its iron levels.

Stomach irritation and nausea can be a common side effect from iron supplementation.

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But what about other hair loss treatments? How does Viviscal work with them?

The evidence around Viviscal’s efficacy is promising, and while more research is needed into its interaction with hair loss medications, it should work well alongside non-invasive treatments such as laser therapy.

LLLT, or low-level laser light therapy, treats hair loss with clinically proven wavelengths if red light laser energy.

While there are some possible side effects, the research indicates that Viviscal could provide hair growth results, especially when combined with other therapies.


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