HOW TO Cope with Hair Loss?
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00:15 Adopt a flattering hair style
01:20 Direct attention away from your hair loss
01:57 Invest in a wig

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How to Cope with Hair Loss? Hair loss is common problem for men and women. It can be caused by illnesses, oftentimes a response to cancer treatments, or a natural part of growing older. If you are going bald, there are multiple ways to cope with your hair loss.
Adopt a flattering hair style. While baldness can sometimes be difficult to combat, adopting a flatting hairstyle that draws attention away from the hair loss can help. In general, strive to keep your hair short. Especially for men, relatively short hair makes baldness less apparent. As bald patches are more apparent when hair is grown out, a short style can conceal hair loss. Simply shaving your head can be stylish and saves on the cost of shampoo and conditioner. If your bald spots are becoming particularly noticeable, consider shaving the remaining hair off. While baldness in men is somewhat more accepted than baldness in women, a growing number of female celebrities are keeping their hair very short. This means a shaven head is sometimes considered a fashion statement for women. A buzz cut is similar to going clean shaven, but leaves a light line of hair. A caesar cut is another option, where bangs are cut in a horizontal fringe and styled forward. If you still have some hair on the top of your hair, get that head cut short but leave enough to comb the remainder over a bald spot. Keep the sides tight and short. This hair style is similar to the one used by the character Roger Sterling and Mad Men.

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