5 Ways to Naturally Increase DHT Levels

5 Ways to Naturally Increase DHT Levels

5 Ways To Increase DHT Levels – Increasing DHT levels is similar to increasing your testosterone levels, with a few alterations. Increasing DHT levels is a MUST for any guy who wants to live a powerful, thriving, successful life.

Think of it like testosterone’s big brother. A study from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas found that DHT has 2-3 times more magnetism to androgen receptors (testosterone binding sites) and it’s known to remain active at those sites 5x longer than testosterone. (1)

Plus, unlike testosterone, DHT cannot be converted into estrogen in the body. (2)

On top of these benefits, DHT has a bunch of perks for guys like you and me:

Improves beard growth and body hair growth
Boosts mood, energy and confidence
Stimulates greater fat burning
Improves thyroid function
Increases muscle growth by strengthening the nervous system
Gives you a chiseled jaw, broad shoulders and other masculine features
Skyrockets libido

Here’s how to produce more of it naturally in your body:

1. Drop Fat

I’ve said it many times that having too much fat on your body will ruin your testosterone levels. The reason is because fat causes an increase in estrogen, which then causes a reduction in testosterone, which then causes an even greater increase in estrogen… and around and around it goes.

Studies have also shown that an increase in body fat breaks DHT down into a weaker shell of itself, and ultimately suppresses DHT from doing what you want it to do for you. (3)

So here’s what you need to do: First, you want to make it your goal to get your body fat percentage down somewhere between 8-14%. This sweet spot maximizes testosterone production and keeps your DHT and testosterone from breaking down and converting into estrogen.

2. Lift Weights

Lifting weights is one of the best ways you can increase testosterone levels… and also DHT.

Not only will lifting weights and building muscle help reduce body fat (which is the first thing you should do to improve DHT), but it a 2014 study found that resistance training also actively increases DHT in men. (4)

Pro Tip: Fasted resistance training has been shown to increase the amount of androgen receptors in the upper body. So when you walk into the gym on an empty stomach and perform upper body movements (upper chest, shoulders, upper back) you’ll increase the amount of binding sites for DHT an amp up your testosterone levels and overall alpha presence because of it.

3. Eat More Fat Calories

Multiple studies have shown the more dietary fat you eat (from saturated and monounsaturated fat sources) the higher your overall testosterone levels will be and the higher your DHT levels will be as well. (5) (6)

With that said, it’s important that you avoid all polyunsaturated fats because they’ve been shown to decrease testosterone and DHT. (7)

As I wrote in my book, The Man Diet, every man’s diet should consist of 30-40% fats on a daily basis. This will keep your testosterone levels high, and as a result, you’ll have more DHT, too. So when you’re making food choices, try to get at least one of the following foods in every meal:

Cage-free whole eggs
Grass-fed butter
Red meat
Olive oil
Coconut oil

Do that and you’ll be in good shape.

4. Take Creatine

Creatine is one of the most well-researched natural performance-enhancing supplements on the planet… and because of that, we know a lot about how it affects testosterone and DHT.

First of all, it’s been shown to increase strength and muscle mass (8).

Plus, it’s been shown to boost testosterone levels—and specifically DHT in men. One study, for example gave a group of college rugby players a creatine regimen and found that after a 7-day creatine loading phase, followed by a 14-day creatine maintenance phase, the players had a 56% increase in DHT levels during the first 7-days and a 40% increase over the following two weeks. (9)


I told you I saved the best for last.

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