A realistic day in my life with Alopecia Areata

A realistic day in my life with Alopecia Areata

What is Alopecia Areata?
It is a autoimmune disorder that often results in unpredictable hair loss. Sometimes, it can lead to the complete loss of hair on the scalp. The immune system incorrectly attacks the body’s own cells. In the case of Alopecia Areata, the cells under attack the hair follicles – structures that grow hair.

This video is a sensitive topic of mine. I have been suffering from Alopecia Areata since I was 12 Years old. For 8 Years now I have been taking medication from my doctor in Malaysia, this changed my life. If I was still on steroids which I was at the very beginning when I was first diagnosed with it I would be more tired, drained out physically and mentally and possibly living with no hair at all.

However, recently because of my changed surrounding since last September my hair has started to fall off drastically. It reminds me of 7 Years ago when I was still little and always wearing a wooly hat to cover my head. I am scared that it will turn out like that in the next few days, or even weeks or months.

I’ve always wanted to share this to people to show awareness of this auto-immune disease. As well as help those who are also suffering with the same thing. As my hair is getting worse again I decided to film this montage video of what I do to cope or try to maintain myself from going completely bald. It is what helped me for 8 years so it can be different for everyone. The video consists of the real things I do everyday including; medicine I take and the home remedies I have been doing for years.

I hope that those who are going through the same thing stay strong because you are not alone. Just keep praying and in God’s timing he will make things possible.



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