Alopecia Cure 2020 🏹 Potential New Cure Found For Baldness Fully Restores Hair In 4 Weeks

Alopecia Cure 2020 🏹 Potential New Cure Found For Baldness Fully Restores Hair In 4 Weeks

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This survey performed by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that when people see you’re losing your hair, they…

Guess you’re 5–10 years older than you are…

Worry you’re handicapped by health problems…

Assume you work a low-paying job…

Judge your work ethic to be lazy…
And most embarrassing of all:

If you’re a balding man, women are 30% less likely to find you attractive, and…

If you’re a woman with thinning hair, men are 80% less likely to find you attractive.

In other words, there’s scientific proof that people really do judge you for your thinning hair, your husband or wife really might find you less attractive, and life really is more difficult.

It’s enough to destroy anybody’s self-esteem.

If YOU have thinning or receding hair, you already know how it’s a constant drag on your confidence:

Hair comes out in your hands while shampooing, and it clogs the drain after a single shower!

Your husband or wife lose interest in sex, because they don’t find you attractive anymore

People at work or in the community judge you because they see thning, receding hair and think you’re “old and useless”

You feel like your hair loss is a flashing neon sign that life is passing you by

You know that if you could just restore your hair, you’d feel more confident, more attractive, and more capable.

So let me be the first to tell you…

Thinning and receding hair does NOT mean you’re “getting older” or that you’re unattractive, or anything like that.
All it means is that you’ve been hit with the epidemic of toxins and bad genetics that have thrown your hormones out of balance, making your hair fall out.
Give me 5 minutes, and I’ll show you…
The imbalanced hormone that makes your hair thin and fall out…
The natural plant that overcomes even the worst genetics to give you thick, healthy hair…
Plus, medical research from top universities and scientific journals that proves the hair loss secrets I’m about to show you.
Let’s start with…

How your hair growth process is supposed to work:

It starts with a tiny organ on the edge of your skin called the “hair follicle.”

The follicle is NOT the hair itself. It’s where the hair grows out from…
Each follicle goes through a normal “Hair Growth Cycle.”

Stage 1: “Shedding” (when the hair falls out)

Stage 2: Growth or Regrowth

See, your hair is supposed to fall out.

An individual strand of hair on your head lives between 2 and 4 years.

Once a hair dies, the follicle “sheds” it, letting it fall out.

But then, that follicle grows another hair.

Your hair is supposed to fall out, but then right afterwards it’s supposed to grow back.

In other words, at least every 4 years, you lose every single hair on your head, and grow them all back.

So what’s going on when your hair falls out and doesn’t grow back?

Many people will say “genetics,” shrug their shoulders, and tell you there’s nothing you can do.

They’re wrong.

Recent research has shown what happens to trigger your follicles to stop regrowing hair.

Everyone has a hormone called Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT for short.

It’s a byproduct of testosterone, so men have more of it, but women also produce it.

DHT is a normal, natural hormone. Like any hormone, it carries messages between your organs.

DHT is responsible for a lot of growth during puberty. Into adulthood, it plays less of a role, and your body produces less of it.

But for the 85% of men and 40% of women who suffer from hair loss at some point in their lives, their bodies produce too much DHT.2,3

That’s a problem, because imbalanced DHT is linked to the medical issues I mentioned a second ago.

And also because, when there’s too much of it swirling through your body, it causes hair loss.

Its molecular structure “matches” with your follicles, so it can connect and deliver its hijacking message:

DHT tells your body to STOP regrowing hair.

Your follicles start the “Hair Growth” process:

They grow the hair, supporting it for 2-4 years.

They shed the hair, so it falls out.

But then your follicle DOESN’T regrow the hair.

Now you’re missing a single hair.

But as DHT runs wild, more and more follicles get stuck in the “shedding” stage.

Soon you’re missing several hairs, then dozens, then hundreds, and then you look in the mirror…
And your heart sinks as you notice how thin it’s getting up there!

You need a “DHT-inhibitor.”

These are nutrients that reduce your levels of DHT, before that DHT can hijack your follicles.


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