Amazing Hair Transplant Result For Medikemos Patient Advisor

Amazing Hair Transplant Result For Medikemos Patient Advisor
Scott is the UK patient advisor for Medikemos Hair Restoration in Brussels, Belgium and he has one of the nicest hair transplant results I’ve seen in a long time. I made this video because I thought his story should be told.

Scott started out like the rest of us did. He was losing his hair and he was really upset about it. His loss was deep recession in his temples and he was a classic NW3 hair loss patient. He thought he had done his research properly by using forums but what he got in the end did not meet is expectations. After having seen his result, I can see why. The work wasn’t particularly bad, it was just too thin. The good thing is that while it was thin, it still looked relatively natural so he didn’t look like he had received a bad hair transplant.

Scott lost his appetite for hair transplant surgery for a while but eventually he came back around to the idea of having more FUE hair transplant work performed. This time, instead of using forums alone, he sought out third party validation from established authorities, including me:) and decided on Dr. Lupanzula. He was so impressed and elated from the experience alone that he and the clinic agreed that he should be the UK representative for the clinic. This was decided even before he started getting his result. Thankfully, it paid off because nine months later his result is simply astounding. Listen to Scott describe his experience and his journey in his own words.

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