Ayurvedic Medicine for Blood Purification | Blood Purifying Drink | Blood Purifier Uses For Skin

Ayurvedic Medicine for Blood Purification | Blood Purifying Drink | Blood Purifier Uses For Skin

Here in this video, Dr. Raj Satpute explains about the best blood purification drink.

Combination :
1) S : 100 Grams
2) M: 50 Grams

Mix & Store in a container.

Steps to Prepare :-

1) Take one cup of water
2) Boil for 10 mins
3) Switch off the gas
4) Add half teaspoon of the medicine
5) Close the lid
6) Wait for 30 mins
7) Strain & Consume

Drink once made can be taken at night. Do not keep more than 24 hours.

Dose : Two cups in a day.
— Not more than 100 ml a day —

When to Take :

Can be taken both empty stomach or after food, depending on one’s convenience. What is important is taking it regularly.

For How Long :

For 4 months regularly then keeping a gap for one month and continuing it further for 4 months. That’s safe & effective.

Part of 1 of Why Blood Gets Impure :

For :-

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