Benefits of Rosemary for Hair Growth and irritable scalps

Benefits of Rosemary for Hair Growth and irritable scalps

It’s well reported that essential oil as well as leaves, tinctures and extracts of Rosemary have stimulating properties and are used in hair growth tonics, shampoos and treatments to help provide a platform for healthy hair growth. Additionally antioxidant qualities helps to protect the hair and scalp whilst the balancing properties help with oily, irritable and sluggish scalps. Ideal in hair care products for new hair growth, postpartum hair loss, hair thinning, new hair growth post chemo as well as benefits of rosemary for irritable and oily scalps.

Here is the list of products that I’ve recommended in this video.

Rosemary conditioner – Faith in Nature- For normal/oily hair

Rosemary shampoo – Faith in Nature- For normal/oily hair (NOT MENTIONED IN FILM!)

Irritated scalp shampoo – Green People – Oily/itchy

Irritated scalp conditioner – Green People – Oily/itchy

Volumizing Rosemary Shampoo – Avalon Organics

Volumizing Rosemary Conditioner – Avalon Organics (NOT MENTIONED IN FILM!)

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