Carnivore Q&A #allinforaugust Kickoff

Carnivore Q&A #allinforaugust Kickoff

Sarah is @carnivore.yogi on Instagram
Laura is @lauraespath in Instagram

Laura and Sarah have both been on the Carnivore diet for over a year. Their approach is very different yet they have both been successful. They are not scientists, doctors, or experts…they are a couple of Moms sharing their experiences!! Join them on Instagram for the #allinforaugust challenge!!!

***We will be doing a live on Instagram Thursday nights in August so comment below any topics or questions you would like us to cover.

This was the list of questions we used for this live.

Getting Started with Carnivore
– Carnivore 101 questions –
1 – How much to eat? (pounds of meat – etc)
2 – Adaptation symptoms? (carb/sugar detox)
3 – Electrolytes?
4 – Is Carnivore good for weight loss?
5 – Supplements?
6 – Organ meats & salmon roe?
7 – Fasting?
8 – How long did it take to see a reduction in inflammation?
9 – Should I eat higher protein or higher fat?
10 – What are some good resources – podcasts – you tubes – accounts to follow?)
11 – Why do I feel irritable on Carnivore?
12 – Should I count macros? I have a tendency to overeat.
13 – OMAD questions – is it right for me? Am I undereating or overeating on OMAD?
14 – Meal timing
15 – Is coffee OK?
16 – How do you deal with leg cramps?
17 – How do you avoid eating your kid’s food if they aren’t carnivore?


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