Coffee Talks | Alopecia, Boyfriend Stress, COLD Brew, & My Japanese Surprise | Sanne Vloet

Coffee Talks | Alopecia, Boyfriend Stress, COLD Brew, & My Japanese Surprise  | Sanne Vloet

Coffee Talks – Cold Brew | Relationship Health Update & My Boyfriend’s Alopecia, Have You Tried COLD Brew Coffee Before, & A Really Chatty Unboxing Of A Japanese Surprise | Please Read The Description |Sanne Vloet


Hey Guys,

So I wrote this description out a few weeks ago, but today I wanted to write you guys a note on instagram, but I was worried you guys wouldn’t see it so I decided to rewrite the caption to talk to you guys about it here. Right now I am in in Zambia where we just finished a four day canoe tour down the Zambezi River, we traveled over 75 kilometers (anyone know what that is in miles). The entire time we were on the river we were just surrounded by the wild animals, crocodiles, & big HIPPOS. It was amazing to be able to go to a place completely away from cell service and disconnect from everything.

The reason I decided to change this description is because I wanted to speak to you, each and every one of you about purpose. Specifically the purpose of this community as it relates to each and everyone of us. To do that I need your thoughts, your messages, your ideas, your effort, your time to really figure out what we are all about. Each and everyone of us have our own reasons for being here, engaging in the community, but I know that we all have similarities no matter how different we may all seem to one and other. Together I think we can find a purpose that we can all stand behind and a maybe a cause that this community wants to get behind. My hope and dream is that this community turns into a place where people can come to for inspiration, health & wellness ideas, and for our community to become a place of love and friendship. I can’t wait until we start doing meet-ups because I want to see how much we all have in common because i think it is going to surprise all of us. I’ve been so lucky to meet so many of you this summer and I can’t wait to visit new countries in the coming months!

Something else I’d like us to all think about is a few causes that this community can support. I have been thinking about how we can use this community and food to either raise awareness or even donations to help causes that we believe are important. For me education, protecting the environment, and women’s rights are topics that I find are very important. While I’ve been here on my trip we’ve come across elephants and we even got to see a few baby elephants running along the river, let’s see if we can get involved with a foundation that works for protect elephants. Education has always been important to me and that is why Jason and I have been working on a after school mentorship program for schools in NY and NJ! Now I need you guys to let me know what you believe the purpose should be and what types of causes you think we can support together.

Today’s video is a little bit serious because I wanted to share a little bit more about our wellness journey specifically my boyfriend. I know we spoke about it before that he was diagnosed with Alopecia, but because of this he has really decided to take control over his health. He’s cut out sugar, he’s eating healthier, exercising even when he’s on the road, he’s just really found a rhythm and routine that works for him. I asked Max if he would be okay with maybe filming a little more of what’s going on with him and he said he would be okay with sharing a little bit for those that were interested. Maybe someone you know is going through it or maybe you’ve dealt with it, but we’ve been doing a lot of research together on it and it seems to be related to stress, which is something Max had a lot of in his life.

So guys this is probably my longest letter to you guys ever so if you’re knew to the channel today I hope you still subscribe and join our amazing community! Think about my question and share what you feel. Maybe if you have time take a second to read through other comments, reach out to someone who writes something that interests you, say hello & just start a conversation. I promise you even if you haven’t watched a video here before you will find something in common with someone in our community. It could be your love of food, fashion, or wellness, you won’t know unless you take a look!

I think this trip has inspired me to take more risks, explore places I usually wouldn’t both inside myself and in the world. Has anyone here been to Iceland? I want to visit my friend from Germany who is out there! It’s been a buck list item of mine to go to Peru so let me know if you ever. So I hope you’ve subscribed and don’t forget to give this video a big thumbs up!

Now that I’m back to WiFi I’ll respond tomorrow!



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