Derma Roller Scalp Treatment Update | Alopecia Female Pattern Hair Loss Shaved Head

Derma Roller Scalp Treatment Update | Alopecia Female Pattern Hair Loss Shaved Head

Welcome back everyone today i am here for an update on my scalp and to show you how i shave my head. I have not continued the scalp treatment with the 1.5mm derma roller as i planned but i just wanted to show you guys how my scalp looks and how it has healed since the videos you see here on YouTube.

If you suffer from female pattern hair loss or male pattern hair loss, if you have a receding hairline, baldness and alopecia you are in a safe place where we can ask questions and share our own experiences with our own hair loss issues. Not every cause is going to be the same but because you realize that you are not alone it might help you deal with your hair loss issues better.

Welcome to Vanessa My Life My Journey I am converting my 2001 Ford E 350 cargo van into a camper van slash tiny home on wheels. This is my new crib 😂 I plan to travel the USA and Texas 😁 to explore, travel and enjoy many adventures that I never thought possible before van life.

I plan to make this van build cost effective by using items that I already own and spend less money as possible.

My budget on this van build is $0.00 therefore I will be selling everything in my apartment and storage at garage sales in order to afford anything that I will need for this van build. This van build will be one of the cheapest van builds you have ever seen here on YouTube.

Today I will be giving you a tour of my empty van pre van life. I have been living in my van a few days while I have a garage sale. I am off grid at this location so I am able to get a good feel of how I would like things to be arranged in the van when I start Van life.

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