Effective Hair Growth Remedy/ ये है वो इकलौती चीज जो गंजे सिर पर बाल उगा सकती है/ 100% Effective

Effective Hair Growth Remedy/ ये है वो इकलौती चीज जो गंजे सिर पर  बाल उगा सकती है/ 100% Effective

ये हैं वो इकलौती चीज जो गंजे सिर पर बाल उगा सकती है 100% Effective Hair Regrowth Remedy

इस तरीके से पहले दिन ही बाल झड़ना बन्द ओर 15 दिन मे नये बाल आने शुरू/naye baal ugaye/hair regrowth

| Onion Juice For Hair Growth | बाल उगाने के उपाय ,बाल उगाने, लम्बा or काला करने के उपाय |
Stop Hair Fall & Grow Hair Fast long Naturally,बालों को दोबारा उगाये व बालों का झड़ना रोके- 3 बार लगाए – Best Hair Solution at Home
In this video i am sharing with a very effective, tried and tested remedy for hair fall/hair loss. This remedy cures the problem of hair thining, baldness, alopecia and helps in hair regrowth. Main ingredients of this hair fall and hair regrowth remedy are-
1. coriander leaves
2. Alovera jel
3. Olive oil
How to make this hair regrowth remedy- First of all extract juice out of coriander leaves.Add 1 spoon of aloe vera gel; and 1 spoon of olive oil in the juice. Mix all the ingredients very well to form a fine paste.

Apply this paste on your scalp and hair. Massage for 5-7 minutes. Keep it in your hair for 1 hour. Then shampoo your hair. If you will do this hair hair treatment twice a week, your hair fall problem will go away completely and new hair will grow very soon. So do try this hair growth remedy and share your results with me.

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