For Hims Hair Loss Kit Review + Unboxing (Getting Started)

For Hims Hair Loss Kit Review + Unboxing (Getting Started)

Day 1 of Him’s Complete Hairloss Kit. First video in 6 part series where I will be reviewing my experience with the HIMS product. I will be posting monthly update videos reviewing my experience with these products!

Be sure to check out HIMS collection of other great men’s health and wellness products!

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(Get your first months for only five bucks!) (This is not a sponsored link, I receive nothing for sharing this! 🙂 )

The ordering experience for HIMS complete hair loss kit was SUPER simple, from order, to consultation, to delivery. I detail those steps in this video with a breakdown of the 4 different products making up the kit.

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First Of The HIMS Hair Loss Review series *Be sure to watch to the end for exclusive Hank footage!*

This video was shot on an iPhone 8+ with a wonderful stack of household items to create my tripod, and two lovely shadeless lamps turned in creative angles to produce this AMAZING lighting (trolol)

Camera setup, coming soon!
– Canon Sl2

– JOBY GorillaPod 3k tripod kit

– Rode VideoMIC GO Lightweight

What am I reading now?
– The Black Farm (Elias Witherow) Genre: Horror

– The Richest Man In Babylon (George Clason) Genre: Non-fiction/Finance

Hank Food
– Nulo Grain Free – Only the best for Hank! No preservatives, fillers, grains, and the top 3 ingredients are all forms of raw proteins!

My third series to be released is all about the gig app! Door Dash, Uber Eats, Getting paid from your smart phone, with earning data, and tax advice from an accountant, stay tuned!

(My second ever YouTube video, I’m proud of the progress between this, and my first! Thank you for watching Part 1 of my 7 part series on HIMs hairloss treatment review.

Intro/Outro Music: iPhone Ringtone Trap Remix by Jaydon Lewis


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