Hair Growth Mask | Thicker And Healthy Hair | Hair Growth Tips | notricknaturalproduct

Hair Growth Mask | Thicker And Healthy Hair | Hair Growth Tips | notricknaturalproduct

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1/2 Papaya
1/2 Avocado
30g Aloe vera
2 spoons Almond
2 spoons Honey

1)Softness and shine. Papaya helps to restore the natural softness of hair. It is useful to remove any residual detergent or chemical products and to give shine.
2)To strengthen the hair. Papaya is rich in nutrients, which is why it is advisable to consume it regularly, combining this good habit with papaya-based products, specifically designed for hair care and to combat hair thinning.
3)To give volume. In the case of brittle hair,​ several experts recommend the use of papaya, to nourish the hair and give volume to the hair. For thin or brittle hair, and therefore lacking in volume, it is recommended to eat papaya daily, in this way you will improve the thickening of the hair.
4)As dandruff. Goodbye dandruff! Papaya is good for hair and also helps control the odorous dandruff problem by limiting excess production.
Greasy and dirty goodbye! Thanks to its abundance of vitamins, minerals and enzymes, papaya does a lot of good for the hair and is also useful for safely removing dirt and oiliness, thus avoiding the use of overly aggressive products that dehydrate the hair.

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