Hair Loss in Women & PCOS – PCOS में क्यों झड़ते हैं बाल (Hindi) । Dr Mukesh Aggarwal

Hair Loss in Women & PCOS  – PCOS में क्यों झड़ते हैं बाल (Hindi) । Dr Mukesh Aggarwal

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PCOS and Hair loss

Here in this video Dr.Mukesh Aggarwal talks on how PCOS does effect on hair. PCOS(polycystic ovarian syndrome)is a women related disease in which multiple cyst form in overy. As a result more testosterone(male hormone) Harmon produce.
Weight gaining, facial hair on chin and face, thinning of hair, weakness n fatigue are some symptoms of PCOS.
After seeing these symptoms one should consult to one’s gynecologist. she would recommend some tests like ultrasound, blood test, hormonal profile etc. for confirmation of PCOS.
After getting confirmed of PCOS, treatment should be started. Take medicines that help to dissolve cysts. Have balanced diet, sound sleep, good water intake, exercises to control weight and
other complications.
Avoid sharp combing, tie your hair lose to avoid further hair loss
PRP therapy is the most beneficial treatment to cure such type of hair loss. FUE hair transplant and Hair patch/wig is advisable in case of great hair loss (baldness).

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