Hair Loss in Women | Self-Help Tips

Hair Loss in Women | Self-Help Tips

#DidYouKnow 20 million women across the world suffer from hair loss. 40% of these have marital problems and over 60% have career-related problems. Hair loss in women could be a serious life-altering condition that can severely affect self-image and emotional well-being. 40% of women experience hair fall by the age of 40. Some early signs of hair loss may show up on your pillow, in your sink or even, unfortunately, in the food. You may also find your plait or bun getting thinner.
There may also be a widening of your partition in the affected areas. How do most women react to these early warning indications? They simply try to hide the problem by back-combing over thinning areas, using pins, etc.
When hair starts to fall, please give it a serious thought. It is commonly perceived as a cosmetic problem and women often try and find solutions in beauty parlours, cosmetic lotions and serums, and may feel more stressed looking at the abysmal results. Instead of these, try the ones mentioned in the video to help prevent further hair fall.
Check out these 5 easy ways for hair fall control in our latest episode of #GoodHealthAndHomeopathy with Dr. Mukesh Batra and follow some of these hair growth tips #AskDrBatras about Hair Loss in Women.


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