Hair Transplant Procedure: EXTRACTION, Hair Transplant By Dr Mark Tam, Harley Street, London, UK

Hair Transplant Procedure: EXTRACTION, Hair Transplant By Dr Mark Tam,  Harley Street,  London,  UK

Extraction of hair follicles
We start the procedure with the extraction of the donor hair. You will be required to lie on your front, face down. The extraction typically takes 1 -2 hour, while you stay still. This part should be is pain free after the initial anaesthetic numbing injections are given.

Doctor Tam will extract your hair using Follicular unit Extraction (FUE) technique, which involves taking the individual hair follicular units from the back of the head one by one; using a specialised extraction instrument less than 1mm in diameter around it; and collecting them individually, manually.

The FUE extraction part of the procedure is well known among doctors who practice this technique to be technically challenging and difficult to master, while there is a general trend where this part is being dedicated to the team, Dr. Tam insist to perform this laborious part because he feels that nothing compares to a pair of experienced hand.
Under direct vision under a steroscopic microscope, the team of experienced technicians will examine, prepare and preserve the hair follicules specified by Dr Tam.

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🎯 Restore receded temples and hairline
💷 £5900-£7200, depending on area
💳 Initial Private Consultation: £100
💳Second Consultation / Follow up appointment £80

📞Phone: 0208 168 1388
📬 Email:
🌍 Website:
🏥 Location: Harley Street, London

🎉 Final results in 12 months
⏰ 6-8 hours treatment duration
🤕 7-14 days recovery
😴 Anesthesia: Local anaesthesia, patient stays fully awake
😵Pain level: mild to mod
👍Lasts: transplanted hair last for long term
💊 May need further medications to address future hairloss or for additional density
✍🏻Note: Individual results may vary
💣Caution: Must be performed by an experienced hair transplant specialist

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Dr Mark Tam
Diplomat American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery

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