Hair Transplant Scar & Suture Removal | Traction Alopecia (Vonda)

Hair Transplant Scar & Suture Removal | Traction Alopecia (Vonda)

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Vonda stopped by Natural Transplants to remove her sutures 10 days after her traction alopecia procedure. She walks us through her experience with the procedure at home and about how she didn’t experience any pain. We do a close up on her hair graft at the front as well as the transplant scar line at the back.

Traction Alopecia is a kind of a hair loss caused by a lot of tension and pulling of the hair. Traction alopecia is mainly seen in black women and women who use tight or damaging hairstyles. The pattern of hair loss typically seen with traction alopecia leaves “peach fuzz” or large sections of bald areas on the scalp, primarily in the frontal and temporal regions. Traction Alopecia can be either permanent or temporary.

If you have female hair loss in your family or think you may have traction alopecia, it’s essential to watch for any indication of hair thinning or a receding hairline and visit a doctor. Catching any such changes early on and making use of a preventative treatment plan can stabilize or slow down your hair loss.

At Natural Transplants our helpful and knowledgeable hair transplant surgeons are ready to supply a classification for hair loss in women and provide related hair restoration options during a FREE consultation.

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