How To Prevent Hair Loss & Thinning – iRestore Pro Review

How To Prevent Hair Loss & Thinning – iRestore Pro Review

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Hey guys, and welcome back for another hair growth video. So today, I’m gonna be covering low-level laser hair growth technology. Holy moly, that’s a mouthful, and I’m gonna be covering how it can boost your hair growth by miles and also help to reverse hair loss. I’m also gonna be unboxing this FDA cleared iRestore Pro Hair Growth System, and I’ll also be performing my very first laser hair growth therapy session on camera for you today, which I’m super excited about.

In terms of laser hair growth therapy itself, I think this is pretty awesome that companies are now making cool technology like this, and you can do them at home. Literally, before this sort of product was even a thing, anybody who wanted to use low-level, low-level laser therapy to grow their hair back or grow it faster or grow it fuller literally had to go into a hair loss clinic and pay stupid amounts of money per session.

I just thought it was gonna be a good idea anyway, and it’s right up my alley, because that’s what we do here on this channel. Speaking of hair loss, I hate to admit this and I think I’m carrying a bit of shame around it because I am a hair YouTuber, but I think my hair is actually starting to thin a little in the front areas of my hairline.

You can see what I’m talking about in the close ups I’ve included in this video (so scary). But I probably started to notice this about six months ago when I went into the bathroom, and the light I had in there would shine down on my head, and I could actually see my scalp in between all the hair follicles. Like, the density looked like it was thinning away. I immediately got the impression that I was balding, right? Freaking scary. It really, really freaked me out, because I’d never seen it before.

Like, why have I never noticed this? And you guys have heard me say over and over again, as soon as you notice something different about your hair, act straight away, because hair loss can be treated when it is in the early stages, and you’re best off looking for a solution as soon as you notice a personal difference in your own hair.

For example if somebody else says to you, oh, it’s fine, don’t worry about it, but you’re actually noticing a difference, I wouldn’t listen to that. Just go and at least investigate it, because if you don’t, you may be sorry in the end. And the scary thing is, hair loss is going to affect at least 50% of us by the time we’re 50.

So when I first kind of recognised this little issue and I kept noticing it more and more, I was like, oh my God.

But my first question when I got this was like, how the hell does it work? So yeah, I had to do a lot of investigation and research on this, and I’ll try my best to keep this simple, but essentially, it uses lasers and LEDs to send light energy to your hair follicles that are in your scalp, and what this does is it sends the light energy to the follicle, which increases the cell metabolism of the follicle or stimulates it, if you like, which gets more blood flow happening to those bulbs, and of course, we all know since we’ve been on this hair journey forever, when there’s more blood flow to your scalp, the more hair we grow.

It’s like a more efficient and scientific way of doing a head massage, which is meant to stimulate blood flow to the scalp as well without needing to actually do the massage on yourself. I can’t wait. This type of thing is also really perfect for people in the early stages of pattern baldness, like if you definitely know you’ve got it, because what happens with pattern baldness is the follicles begin to shrink.

And what low-level laser technology has been clinically proven to do is help wake those follicles back up and get the stimulation happening again so the follicle can go back to growing back to normal. So, it’s really fascinating, and I really, really enjoy reading and researching about this kind of stuff, ’cause it’s good to know, right? Like, if you don’t know, you don’t know. And people who use this iRestore system, they see significant results, usually within three to six months, but obviously because everyone’s genetics are so different, the exact time frame can’t be given, you dig?

So without further ado, I hope you enjoy this unboxing and I’ll see you next week for another video.

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