How to Stop Hair Fall, Cure Hair Loss & Grow Long | rahul phate

How to Stop Hair Fall, Cure Hair Loss & Grow Long | rahul phate

Rahul Phate is basically a Pharmacologist, initialized with the deep knowledge of Ayurveda. Rahul Phate was gifted with the old ayurvedic texts which were practiced by his ancestors since last 1000 years. His journey towards ayurveda started from these texts and fortunately got to learn pharmacognosy, the branch of medicine, where the medicines from natural origin are studied in the scientific way. This gave him a vision to look into science of ayurveda through the scientific allopathic vision.

He never believed the tradition of Ayurveda, but looked after it in scientific way, which helped him develop the Cosmetics with values of Indian herbs, providing excellent results in skin and hair care.

Being deeply interested in cosmetology, he started applying this knowledge to the research on skin treatments and hair treatments. This beautiful journey of ayurvedic treatment products and cosmetics started, where Rahul Phate and Mrunalini Phate joined hands to cater these exclusive world class products to the Indian market.

When Rahul Phate was busy in the scientific research, Mrunalini Phate took the responsibility of manufacturing and marketing the products.
Today, Rahul Phate’s Research Products are reputed for the result oriented products and the topmost brand in skin peels, skin care, trichology as well as spa. Not only in India but we are providing consultancy on skin care, spa as well as trichology, in many countries abroad. Abroad, these products are reputed to be the result oriented, scientific ayurvedic and herbal products from India.

At the same time, the most appreciated work of Rahul Phate is his beauty academy, where he trains his students on the basic and advance science of skin and hair. He is never involved just in product promotion, but always propagates the molecular depths of cosmetology. Now the company is looking forward for the overseas interactions on the research based cosmetics as well as beauty academy

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