How To Treat Hair Loss Dr Alan Bauman

How To Treat Hair Loss   Dr Alan Bauman – Renowned Hair Loss Expert and full time ABHRS certified hair transplant surgeon, Dr. Alan Bauman MD IAHRS FISHRS ABHRS, discusses how to treat hair loss with Ashleigh Walters on WPTV NBC 5 in Palm Beach Florida. Hair loss can be caused by age, stress, medications, illness, poor nutrition and more but hereditary male and female pattern hair loss is the reason for 95% of hair thinning and baldness in the US population. Good news is that early medical intervention with oral, topical drugs as well as non-chemical laser therapy and PRP platelet rich plasma can help prevent hair loss and rejuvenate weak hair follicles. However, if follicles are beyond repair, “Dead and Gone,” then hair transplants remain the only option to restore coverage. The latest no scalpel, no stitch minimally-invasive no-linear-scar FUE style transplant device is called SmartGraft. SmartGraft is the most advanced excision and extraction device to remove grafts from the donor area as little as one hair follicle or follicular unit at a time. This procedure has less downtime and less restricted and more comfortable recovery phase without leaving a telltale linear scar. Artistry of the surgeon allows for the 100% naturalness of the final result. See Brian’s results seen here before and 12-months after his SmartGraft FUE hair transplant with Dr. Alan Bauman. Contact Dr. Bauman today to see if you are a candidate for hair transplant with SmartGraft.


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