How to treat thyroid-related hair fall? #AsktheDoctor

How to treat thyroid-related hair fall? #AsktheDoctor

Dr. Sudha. M – MBBS, MD Dermatology & Skin Specialist

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When the thyroid gland either doesn’t produce enough or produces too much of certain hormones it can cause certain thyroid related conditions in the body. Both Hypo & Hyperthyroidism can cause dry, brittle hair or hair thinning on your scalp and body. Certain medications related to thyroid treatment can also affect the hair. The good news is that hair loss caused by thyroid conditions is temporary in nature, in most cases. Keeping thyroid levels in check helps in controlling hair loss. The doctor ideally aims to keep your thyroid level as close to normal as possible. Hair loss will have visible improvements if you follow the doctor’s advice.

Most doctors prescribe anti-hair fall treatments ranging from lotions to tablets. These medications are generally prescribed with the thyroid prescription for better impact.

Some remedies that can help:
Anti-inflammatory foods (Ginger & Turmeric)
Watch iodine intake (too much iodine can lead to hormonal imbalance)
Follow a healthy diet strictly
Thyroid conditions generally don’t lead to hair loss in the early stages. Only when thyroid levels become severe you can notice visible hair loss. Hair loss may also be the result of another underlying condition. Before attempting the above-mentioned remedies, speak with your doctor as medication and home remedies go hand in hand. Talk to a doctor online on DocsApp.

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