KICK Mens Shampoo – Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Shampoo – Itchy Scalp Treatment Sulfate Free Mens

KICK Mens Shampoo – Tea Tree Oil and Peppermint Shampoo – Itchy Scalp Treatment  Sulfate Free Mens

PROMOTE HAIR GROWTH & STOP THE ITCH HIGH PERFORMANCE HERBAL EXTRACTS We formulated Kick Active peppermint and tea tree shampoo for MOVERS SHAKERS and ATHLETES. 11 POWERFUL pure ultra-potent botanical ingredients restore optimal hair and scalp health – Tea Tree leaf Peppermint Eucalyptus Rosemary Aloe Vera and more 100 irritant free. STRONGER FULLER THICKER HAIR – HAIR STRENGTHENING SHAMPOO and MOISTURIZING SHAMPOO in ONE Did you know sweat-induced dandruff and dry scalp actually lead to hair loss? KICK’s Anti hair loss shampoo contains aloe at just the right potency reduced the dandruff and dry scalp that often cause hair loss when left untreated. LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – After just 1 treatment with KICK youll never want your old ineffective Peppermint shampoo back guaranteed – Users say our dandruff shampoo for men and women is the best shampoo for thin hair and itchy scalp and we guarantee it. So go ahead and click add to cart now to experience strong soft dandruff-free hair or get your money back no questions asked. EMPOWER BETTER HAIR DAYS – WONT FEEL HEAVY OR DRY OUT SCALP Unmanageable dried out hair? While most hair care products leave you feeling dry frizzy or like your heads covered in cooking oil KICK’s peppermint and tea tree oil shampoo leaves hair soft and light with an invigorating clean scent that lasts all day. ALL NATURAL – NO HARSH CHEMICALS NO WORRIES – Because irritating surfactants frequently cause skin dryness flaking itching and redness AND dandruff often causes hair loss we created our natural dandruff shampoo WITHOUT the naughty stuff – its 100 FREE from SLS/Sulfates parabens and harsh chemicals – plus animal cruelty-free and color safe2186


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Hair Loss Cure 2019

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