Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant – Did He Really Get One?!

Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant – Did He Really Get One?!

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In this video, we look into the Lewis Hamilton Hair Transplant. We look at the evidence to whether or not we think Lewis Hamilton ended up getting a hair transplant around 2013-2014.

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Lewis Hamilton

Five time world champion of the Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton is a Formula One racing driver. “Still I Rise” is Lewis’ trademark, which is emblazoned on the back of lewis’ helmet and tattooed across his shoulders. But, in this video, we aim to find out whether or not a hair transplant was the cause of his locks rising too.

Having started his driving career at just 8 years old, and winning his British Kart Championship at just 10, Hamilton has been dominating formula 1 since his debut in 2007.

A question that has been asked by many…Is did Mr Hamilton have a hair transplant?

Well, here’s a quick shot of an interview with a young Hamilton, aged 21 in 2006.

We can clearly identify some thinning on the hair, starting with frontal hair loss.

This is an early sign of Androgenetic Alopecia or male pattern baldness.

Male pattern baldness is thought to be caused by a sensitivity to DHT, or Dihydrotestoerone. DHT is created when the 5-alpha-reductase enzyme attaches onto the testosterone hormone. This then attacks the hair follicles, and leads to miniaturisation of the hair follicle.

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It’s entirely possible that, if Lewis caught his hair loss early enough and started a comprehensive hair loss treatment plan, that involves things like microneedling, alkalising the diet, using natural, caffeine filled shampoos, regular relaxation and using some topical solutions, his transformation may have been natural.

That being said, world leading IAHRS.org surgeon to many celebrity patients Dr. Scott Alexander commented, “Lewis Hamiltons’ hair has most certainly gone through a dramatic change for the better in recent years and likely he’s been the recipient of a very good hair transplant and using medication such as finasteride to help prevent further loss.”

“Many patients wish to have surgery and be discrete about it but the fact remains his hair went from zero to hero in a very short period of time which is a tell sign of hair transplant surgery,” says Dr. Alexander.

It’s worth mentioning here, that Finasteride has been known to cause a whole host of unwanted sexual side effects, such as lower libido, weaker erections and other disturbing things. We don’t recommend these chemicals at Hairguard, and instead, recommend a natural approach which we will outline later.

It’s also worth mentioning, that hair transplants don’t always go as planned. One of the issues with a hair transplant, is that the procedure doesn’t always go well. Two major side effects of a hair transplant, according to a 2014 study published in the international journal of trichology, conclude 42.47% of hair transplant patients suffering from post-surgical Edema, which is a build-up of fluid that causes swelling. In addition, the same study found that 23.29% of people suffer from sterile folliculitis – which is an uncomfortable, itchy kind of rash or scarring as seen here…

Throughout Hamilton’s early career, he was often seen sporting shorter hair instead of the long curls seen in the previous video.

It disguised his receding hairline much better than longer hair.

Hamilton often spends a lot of time in the public eye, and often, other celebrities of Lewis’ calibre often do end up getting hair transplants. His endorsements run into tens of millions of pounds per year. He has to look his best.

The reality is, all of a sudden, he was seen around 2015 rocking some new, long locks.

It can often take around 18 months for a hair transplant to reach it’s potential, so it’s highly likely he had the hair transplant somewhere between 2013 and 2014…