Long to Pixies cut hair women around 29

Long to Pixies cut hair women around 29

I asking her what can I use the scissor or cillper. She said scissor. I said ok then it’s cillper. I spary water in her head and bend her head and attached a 2nd guard in cillper for nape (she didn’t tell me for nape shave). I began to buzz the nape the feeling I get when the hair fall on my toes with the sound of cillper. After buzzing the nape. I took the comp and long pair of scissor and put the comb in the correct chin length. I began cut by snip and snip I repat the same on the other side also. After finishing her head I took off the cape and dust her dress. She pay me and said I will visit here​ for trim like this and see you soon. She was damn sexy in the t-shirt and shorts the bob is suit her. I think if I had chance I can get her number. And I move to the next Customer.

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