Mesotherapy anti-hair loss, hair growth promotion, rejuvenation

Mesotherapy anti-hair loss, hair growth promotion, rejuvenation

Body Health Med in Zurich offers you Mesotherapy.

I begin head mesotherapy with massage treatment along the whole spine, finishing with head massage and using a targeted combination of several massage methods and types.

This approach eliminates compressions and nodules in treated areas, improves blood circulation, bringing about nutrient substances and assuring head oxygen supply. Neck area and hair margin area is treated with utmost caution.

Many physiological processes become involved along the chain during the massage, neuroreceptor body systems are activated, initiating the body reflex responses, which lead to harmonization of processes in the whole body, especially nervous system.

Further, the hairiest head part is treated with meso-cocktail preparations. Injection depth comprises not more than 2 mm. The lowest possible violation of scalp hair using Mesotherapy-Injector Gun Dermatic® causes blood circulation enhancement and improvement of cell division processes. The Dermatic® principle consists in the use of compressed air, which provides a high-injection speed. This allows a very precise and painless treatment. DERMAHEAL MESO-COCKTAIL: strengthens and activates hair follicle, improves blood circulation in hair root area, whereupon hair bulbs receive all necessary nutrient substances, and head skin microcirculation improves.

Due to enhanced hair root supply with nutrient substances and restoration of the former, hair loss is decelerated, skin quality is improved, and, provided hair roots are maintained, renewal of their growth occurs with persistent effect.

Inna Heimgartner, Body Health Med, Zurich



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