Minoxidil with Hair Loss Treatments

Minoxidil with Hair Loss Treatments

Minoxidil with Hair Loss Treatments

Minoxidil is one of the most misunderstood Hair Loss Treatment Products used for Hair Loss Treatments. Minoxidil was originally an oral blood pressure medication. The systemic effect of Minoxidil reduced the pressure caused by DHT (Dehydrotestosterone) related to hair thinning from Female Pattern Thinning and Male Pattern Thinning.

Minoxidil applied topically does not cause a systemic effect so is safe as long as you don’t have low blood pressure or use common formulas that include harsh chemicals and alcohols to break through the scalp skins natural defense barrier.
Minoxidil on its own does not block or stop DHT and should be used in Combination Therapy Hair Loss Treatments and NOT as a Hair Loss Treatment on its own.

For Minoxidil to be a safe and effective Hair Loss Treatment, follow this guide:

• Get a correct diagnosis of your Hair Loss or Hair Thinning
• Understand the difference between DHT Hair thinning and the Hair Cycle Hair Loss
• Use a natural DHT inhibitor when using Minoxidil
• Don’t try to move DHT away whilst it is still building up
• Use a safe formula of Minoxidil such as HLCC Re-Stim Plus
• Always use natural scalp preparation to eliminate chemicals and harmful ingredients
• Be clear that if you inhibit the DHT internally and topically naturally then Minoxidil is only needed for a short time with hair loss treatments
• The right Minoxidil used in the right way will not cause hair loss when you stop using it

For more information on how to safely use Minoxidil with Hair Loss Treatments and to get a correct diagnosis contact Carolyn Evans I.A.T. Trichologist Absolique Hair Health Clinic.


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