Natural DHT Inhibitors with Trichologist Brisbane

Natural DHT Inhibitors with Trichologist Brisbane

Natural DHT Inhibitors with Trichologist Brisbane

With all the technology and leading research that surrounds us these days it is wonderful to see ways of addressing problems in a natural way. For many years there has been a proven natural DHT inhibitor with the herb Saw Palmetto. Research years ago, found it was not the Saw Palmetto on its own inhibiting the DHT from binding, but it was in the plant sterols, or essence of the plant which was also found to be acting as an antioxidant.

Here we need to point out DHT, Dihydrotestosterone, is naturally occurring in the human body. It is not harmful, quite the opposite, it is essential for our bodies homeostasis which is body balance. Without it we would not survive and this DHT is also a precursor to many other enzyme reactions within the body, we need it. The problem is what triggers the DHT to bind where it is not meant to be such as the prostate and the hair only in the pattern hair thinning areas of the scalp.

Natural DHT Inhibitors with Trichologist Brisbane:
• DHT, Dihydrotestosterone, is naturally occurring in every human body
• It is important not to block DHT
• Understand the triggers
• Inhibit the binding
• Make a healthy cell do its own work

One does not want to block the DHT in the body as many medications do, we simply need to inhibit from binding where it is not helpful and avoiding what triggers it to bind in the first place. DHT will bind when triggered by: Hereditary factors, Hormonal factors, Environmental factor and the Free Radical effect. As Absolique Trichologist I undertake daily research and lessons from functional doctors whom are finding the side benefits of reducing your hormonal and environmental exposure to these elements which you are exposed to in your daily life and may not be aware of.

We will educate you on how to avoid them and where they are hidden along with protecting you with antioxidants that help with the free radical effect. We should all be creating and maintaining a base nutrition level to start with before adding antioxidants. The human body should make its own antioxidants when provided the required levels of minerals, essential fatty acids, vitamins, probiotics and all in the right pH environment for effective absorption.

As Absolique Trichologist I get emails and comments on my You Tube videos all the time asking which antioxidant to use, it is not one simple answer. The key is firstly getting a correct diagnosis as what most people think is a DHT pattern hair thinning problem, it is a diffuse hair cell and hair cycle problem. Overlooking this can inhibit results and send you on a path of more hair loss or using the wrong topical hair loss products or supplements that can be harming you because they are contaminated with toxic elements and heavy metals. At Absolique we form a unique plan for you depending on your individual information, history and pH testing results to form your prescriptive plan based on your individual concerns. Absolique use topical and nutritional antioxidants in combination therapy to deliver the best results by creating the right environment for absorption without harmful ingredients. Email for more information about Natural DHT Inhibitors with Trichologist Brisbane, click here to be redirected to our diagnosis services.

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