Natural Medical Treatment for Hair Thinning and Hair Loss ft. Dr. Umang Kothari | Bearded Chokra

Natural Medical Treatment for Hair Thinning and Hair Loss ft. Dr. Umang Kothari | Bearded Chokra

PRP (Platelet-rich Plasma) is a common treatment for hair thinning, hair loss, balding and many more ailments such as sports injuries, stomach ulcers, face glowing, etc.

Today I am joined by a renowned plastic surgeon Dr. Umang Kothari from the Hair and Shape Clinic, Malad, Mumbai.

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0:00 – 1:10 – Introduction
1:11 – 3:16 – What is PRP?
3:17 – 6:41 – How is PRP different from Mesotherapy and Hijama?
6:42 – 8:18 – Why Plasma/Platelets and not any other compound or component of blood?
8:19 – 8:51 – Is PRP FDA approved?
8:52 – 10:29 – Is there any scientific proof that PRP causes hair growth?
10:30 – 18:12 – What are the criteria to get PRP done? [age, gender, medical condition, stage of hair loss]
18:13 – 20:17 – How many sessions of PRP are needed?
20:18 – 23:21 – Can someone lose their hair after stopping PRP?
23:22 – 25:17 – How much time does one session take & what is the level of pain?
25:18 – 26:08 – Pre-PRP procedures and care
26:09 – 26:57 – Post-PRP procedures and care
26:58 – 27:50 – Can one undergo multiple treatments along with PRP?
27:51 – 28:00 – Diet during PRP
28:01 – 29:33 – What is the success rate of PRP?
29:34 – 30:17 – Side effects of PRP?
30:18 – 30:47 – Does PRP block DHT?
30:48 – 31:48 – Is PRP better for crown or hairline?
31:49 – 32:18 – Can PRP reverse or stop greying of hair?
32:19 – 32:54 – PRP and Dandruff
34:25 – 35:15 – Cost of PRP
35:17 – 37:34 – Dr. Umang’s Last thoughts and sign out



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