Organic Permanent Hair Growth Inhibitor

Organic Permanent Hair Growth Inhibitor

Formulated with natural ingredients, this product effectively melts you hair down to its roots, pain-free and mess-free.

Say goodbye to sharp razors and say hello to natural hair removal.


In ONLY 8 MINUTES you can have smooth and moisturized hairless skin. Our Natural Hair Removal Spray (30ml) goes on easy and nourishes your skin as you watch it turn into a creamy moisturizer.

Simply leave on for 8 minutes and wipe away to reveal clean, stubble-free, nourished skin.


1. Specially added plant essential oils to reduce hair density and activity and prevent hair from becoming rough and black.
2. Supplements the nutrients lost in the skin after hair removal, avoids dry skin and keeps the skin smooth.
3. Reduce hair density and activity. Prevent body hair from getting thicker and darker
4. Supplements nutrients lost after hair removal to avoid dry skin and keep skin smooth
5. Maintain damaged skin to achieve a healthy skin condition

With anti-inflammatory properties
Light and antiseptic cleaning treatment
Cleans deodorant, make up, and body oils on skin
Gives you silky smooth skin after applying
Offers a refreshing after-effect
Suitable for all skin types
Long-Lasting 30 Day+ Supply
30ml Bottle
Main ingredients: aloe extract, menthol, allantoin, EDTA-disodium

Package Includes:
1x Hair removel cream

Legs, Arms, Bikini And Private Areas, Underarms, Face, Chest, AND MORE!


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