PDOgro Hair Growth ABC Local10 South Florida Dr Alan Bauman

PDOgro Hair Growth ABC Local10 South Florida   Dr Alan Bauman

https://www.pdogro.com – What is PDOgro™?
Dr. Bauman’s proprietary PDOgro™ is a virtually painless “lunchtime” procedure that works to stimulate hair regrowth through the release of growth factors and increased blood flow in the treatment area. During initial pilot studies at Bauman Medical, initial improvements from the procedure were noted in as little as three months and continued through six months and beyond. The PDOgro™ process is performed under painless local anesthesia by aseptically inserting PDO Polydioxanone Monofilament Threads MasterThreads (MasterThreadsUSA, NY) into the scalp in the thinning areas to stimulate hair regrowth by rejuvenating weakened follicles. The material slowly and safely dissolves over a period of months. The breakthrough outpatient non-surgical treatment requires no recovery, no downtime, no aftercare, and no activity restrictions.
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00:00 Speaker 1: Local 10 News starts right now.

00:02 Speaker 2: Well, it’s not just men who suffer hair loss as we grow older, many women also dealing with thinning hair. Coming up in today’s Healthcast, we’ll show you a new way to get your hair back, developed by a specialist right here in South Florida.

00:16 Kristy: In health news, hereditary hair loss affects approximately 85% of men over the age of 50, but more than 40% of women also suffer from thinning hair. And as they age, this happens a lot more often. August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, by the way. So today, our Healthcast focuses on a brand new approach to treatment, developed right here in South Florida. After working for hair transplant surgeons for more than 20 years, one day, Margie Maxwell decided it was time to become a patient.

00:47 Margie: As you’ve come to a point, you’re scared. You get scared sometimes. Am I gonna lose all my hair?

00:53 Kristy: Hair transplant specialist, Dr. Alan Bauman, has come up with a new surgical approach after talking to colleagues who use threads in facial procedures.

01:01 Dr Bauman: It was a casual conversation. Someone told me that they had done some work in Asia doing these lifting and rejuvenating treatments and that when they were anchored into the scalp, like in the hair-bearing areas, they noticed improved hair growth.

01:16 Kristy: After the scalp area is numbed, the doctor begins the process he calls PDOgro.

01:22 DB: It’s actually a very delicate procedure. You can imagine the follicles, first of all, are very delicate, very superficial to the skin. So the placement of these threads into the scalp during the PDOgro procedure is very critical.

01:36 Kristy: The mechanism of growth is not exactly clear, but the presence and absorption of the threads seems to be the catalyst to change.

01:43 DB: There’s new collagen formation, there’s new blood vessel formation and there’s a massive release of growth factors.

01:50 Kristy: Dr. Bauman says the earlier the intervention, the better the outcome.

01:54 DB: We’re not making a new hair follicle. What we’re doing is we’re enhancing the follicles that are miniaturized. So the goal is to enhance or rejuvenate the weakened follicles, the follicles that are failing.

02:06 Kristy: After her first treatment, Margie felt her hair had more volume and density, and was growing in areas where her hairline was receding.

02:14 Margie: I love my hair now than before. Before, I used to just put it in a bun or just put it in a ponytail and now I could do more to it.

02:24 Kristy: Pretty cool stuff. The threads do dissolve over time, which means in order to maintain the results, it needs to be repeated. How long it will last varies from person to person. And that’s your Healthcast for today.

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