Personal Hair Transplant Journey of Black African American Women Bald Hair Loss 1 Year Follow up

Personal Hair Transplant Journey of Black African American Women Bald Hair Loss 1 Year Follow up

Black woman hair transplant surgery journey with before after hair hair loss at 408-356-8600 or Our patient Sonia is going to share her journey with us. She had over 3,000 hair grafts harvested for her FUT procedure. Sonia had significant hair loss that came about with her wearing braids for a large part of her life. Her mother braided Stevie Wonders hair and would braid her hair since the 5th grade. Overtime it would pull her hair out and she would have to camouflage it by continuing to wear braids but also wearing wigs to cover it up. It really started to impact her self esteem. Sonia’s daughter did the research and found Dr Diep. Her daughter told her that through her research that Dr Diep, that he was specialized in African American hair and that he was rated the best for hair transplant specialist. Sonia looked at all of the before and after photos and talked to Dr Diep and staff it made her feel really comfortable. With that said, Sonia knew she would be in really good hands. The day of the surgery date, she was really nervous not knowing what to expect because it was her first surgery. The staff took really good care of her the morning Sonia came in. She felt really at ease. During the procedure she was in and out of sleep and she did not feel anything at all. The healing process was the most traumatic part for her. She felt like the hair was not going to grow. Sonia didn’t start seeing sprouting til 3 months later. Once you leave the surgery you leave with what looks like there is hair there. Then you have the shedding phase and then you look completely bald. Sonia was stressed and was able to text Dr Diep with her concerns and also come into the clinic for follow ups. 6 months in she started to notice her hair was starting to grow, 9 months she noticed density, and now at her 12 month mark she knows that her hair is continuing to grow. As you can see she has a full set of hair, Sonia feels more confident now and has decided to wear her short and natural. She doesn’t ever want to wear braids again. Sonia feels really good and she knows that this is the best decision she has made.


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