Post Cancer Hair Loss Treatment Story

Post Cancer Hair Loss Treatment Story

Post Cancer Hair Loss Treatment Story @ Absolique

This story represents resilience and hope through very difficult times. This client presented with very thin hair all over the head and further frontal hair thinning. The sad story was of breast cancer, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. One year later a brain tumour, surgery and radiation to the brain. As we know hair loss can be a side effect of chemotherapy and normally grows back, and it did, but not quite the same.
Then a miracle happened with pregnancy and childbirth. Post-partum alopecia is post pregnancy diffuse hair loss which occurs three months after childbirth, ceasing breast feeding or when the women’s cycle resumes. This is a natural part of pregnancy and occurs with every pregnancy unless prevention steps are put in place well in advance. Following post-partum alopecia, if nutritional status is sound and there is normal cellular function, the hair regrowth should occur within 12 months.
Post Cancer Hair Loss Treatment Story:
• Breast cancer, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
• Brain tumour, surgery and radiation
• Pregnancy and childbirth
• Hair loss treatment success with combination therapy
In this case, two and a half years later, the hair had not regrown and now was diffusely thinner all over the scalp and was worse than following the cancer treatment. This occurs when there is damage at a cellular level which can be uncovered for the hair with a microscope. Absolique Trichologist uses a 60x magnification microscope and scalp level to read how the hair should be growing and establish if the hair is not growing properly. Microscopic diagnosis here established 50% of the general hair was not growing properly along with many dormant follicles meaning the hair had not regrown but the follicle was open.
We also had more than 6 hairs per centimetre that had no visual structure and could only be seen with the microscope at the dermal level. Sounds like a lot of bad news but as Absolique Trichologist I find this all good news as all the hairs are still alive, the human growing the hair is healthy and alive and all we need to for hair regrowth is re-establish cellular health so hair can grow back to its normal hair structure as determined by your DNA.
With much hope we embarked on a four-month journey of combination therapy topical hair loss treatment and nutritional therapy for cellular correction. When addressing all symptoms and causes at the same time you can achieve great results as demonstrated in these before and after images. We still have more work to do to get all the hair growth back, so a maintenance hair loss treatment plan was provided making hair loss treatment simple and cost effective. We will check in again in four months. To share your hair loss story and journey and to get help with hair loss treatment for hair regrowth please contact Absolique Trichologist at and find more information at our website
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