Scalp Tattoo for Baldness – Scalp ‘Hair’ Tattoos for Balding Men

Scalp Tattoo for Baldness – Scalp ‘Hair’ Tattoos for Balding Men . Ben descibes what Scalp Micropigmentation is like and why he came to the SMP Clinic. Ben talks about how, in today’s changing times, he felt the need to look for a solution to his hair loss.
Being only 27 and liking his hair shaved, Ben wanted to look younger. He contemplated hair transplants but was put off by the length of treatment and cost. While he was searching for hair growth treatments and hair loss treatment in Google, he came across Scalp Micropigmentation or scalp tattoo, as he had thought it was known as.
So he looked for a specialised skin and hair clinic in Hertfordshire and found the SMP Clinic which is part of BeauSYNERGY in Brookmans Park, Hatfield. He met the senior skin and scalp technician Kerry at the SMP Clinic. Kerry took her time to understand the needs of her patient and how he would ideally like to see the new imitated hair follicles.
Kerry is a craftswomen and artist. She has been performing Semi permanent make up, Microblading for the last decade and so understands that SMP is so much more than just pigment on a scalp. The end result has to look natural and not like an “action man figure”. She understands the contours of the scalp and how both men and women are different in how they should look.
Ben explains that his particular scalp has taken the ink really well after the first treatment and that the results are on par with what he and Kerry had hoped for at this stage. The video shows Ben just before his second treatment and then during the treatment. The photographs show how the which lines were drawn onto his scalp before the first treatment to give the scalp technician a good guide to wear to finish the pigment around the edges.
Treating a whole scalp can take around 4 hours but smaller areas within hairlines etc, will of course take a shorter time. Both men and women really benefit from the scalp and hair tattoo treatments at the SMP clinic at BeauSYNERGY as it increases confidence and self-esteem.
The treatment works wonders for those with Alopecia and even covers scalp scars.
If you are interested in knowing more and whether you are suitable for the Scalp Micropigmentation treatment for men and women then do contact the SMP Clinic on 01707 662477 to arrange a free consultation. Also on 75 Bradmore Green, Brookmans Park, Hertfordshire.

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Scalp tattooing for hair loss, scalp tattoo, scalp micropigmentation as well as hair tattoo are some of the names that this treatment is identified with.

Scalp tattooing for hair loss, scalp tattoo as well as hair tattoo are the lots of names that this treatment is identified with.

The hair tattoo fills in the gaps and gives density and volume. There are no chemicals or glue on the scalp or hair and the scalp feel nicer to touch.

With hair tattooing, the clients are left with the appearance of a closely shaven head, or in the case of thinning hair – a thicker, fuller hairline.

The hair tattoo, also know as scalp micropigmentation, is a new development for men suffering from hair loss. The hair tattoo provides a convincing illusion even if you suffer from a skin disorder, alopecia, scarring from surgery or an accident, pattern baldness or thinning hair.


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