Spectral DNC-n new hair loss treatment VS Minoxidil 5%

Spectral DNC-n new hair loss treatment VS Minoxidil 5%

In the second day of August 2011, the hair growth developer – Divine Sin Inc.released a new molecule to the market for treating hair loss.

The molecule was a drug which they called nanoxidil. As the story goes, it was developed to surpass the efficacy and tolerability of minoxidil.

Nanoxidil is a new product in the field of medicine. As a result, there are limited studies that elaborate on its use, efficacy and potential side effects.
Nanoxidil vs. Minoxidil
Of all the medications for hair loss, minoxidil is perhaps the most well-known. It has been in use for close to 40 years now.

According to the brains behind the discovery of minoxidil, Kahn and Grant initially intended that their medication should be used in the management of hypertension. And that is exactly what the FDA approved it for in 1979 – hypertension.

Subsequently, Upjohn was granted the patent by the US Patent Office to use minoxidil as a remedy for hair loss.

With such a rich history, how does minoxidil compare to nanoxidil?

Well, it is true that minoxidil works well for hair loss. However, it also has some undesirable side effects. When you use it, you stand at risk of experiencing headaches, heart problems, local irritation at the site of application and possibly, the development of acne.

It has also been determined that women are more sensitive to minoxidil; hence the reason why it is recommended that women should only use a concentration of 2% on the maximum.

According to the 2017 year article “New Treatments for Hair Loss“, nanoxidil solution is quite a novelty in hair loss treatment – its structure is very similar to minoxidil’s but molecular weight is lower, which should, theoretically, lead to a better penetration and absorption rate.

As a result, it may surpass the effectiveness of minoxidil in the stimulation of hair growth. Besides, clinical trials and study-based evidence have revealed that nanoxidil has fewer-to-no side effects when compared to minoxidil.

Besides their molecular differences and other differences aforementioned, the lotions of these products also differ significantly.

The Spectral DCN-N lotion for nanoxidil contains other ingredients apart from nanoxidil. These ingredients include:

copper peptides
procyanidin B2
These ingredients act in unison to promote the penetration of nanoxidil and improve the growth of hair. On the contrary, minoxidil lotion only contains minoxidil.

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