Systemic Lupus Erythematosus SLE NCLEX RN Review 2019

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus SLE   NCLEX RN Review 2019

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus SLE NCLEX RN Review 2019
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Best Remedies for Lupus – Secret Vitamins and Minerals to Treat Lupus

Lupus can be strongly helped with special vitamins and minerals that help treat this condition naturally and effectively. In today´s video, I will reveal the best secret vitamins and minerals for lupus. Learn how to manage the symptoms of achy joints, fever, skin rashes and pain with special vitamins and minerals.
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Why Can’t Doctors Cure Your Lupus?

I think I know

The inside story on Dr. Gary M. Levin’s remarkable Lupus Total Symptom Elimination.

There is Hope!

Lupus is one of the most debilitating and discouraging conditions anyone can have. Waking up day after day with joint sores, knowing you are stricken with Lupus that may gradually drag you, a healthy young person, towards chronic illness like rheumatoid arthritis. Suddenly you no longer expect to enjoy many of life’s greatest experiences.

You probably don’t remember that day, the day you had your first joint pain and chose to ignore it thinking it would just go away. But later on, more joints started to feel sore and swelling and a rash began to appear. You felt fatigued and knew things were starting to get out of control. Then the day came when you heard your doctor speak the word “Lupus.”

You may have felt sadness, desperation, even panic… knowing full well your life would never be the same again. That time can be almost as difficult for your family and close friends as it is for you. I know, you suffer month after month and find you are losing hope of ever getting better.

That’s a very sad place for anyone to be. I know. I’ve been seeing patients for over 40 years.

My name is Dr. Gary M. Levin and I’m a retired M.D. and Surgeon in the U.S. For more than forty years, I took great pride in running my own clinic, as well as teaching and supervising resident doctors at a facility at Loma Linda Univ School of Medicine. I completely understand how incredibly scary, painful and discouraging Lupus symptoms are for millions of people just like you.

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