Top 3 Supplements to Use with Minoxidil for Beard Growth

Top 3 Supplements to Use with Minoxidil for Beard Growth


In this video, I decided to provide 3 supplements or products that are effective in promoting facial hair growth.

Please note that in contrast to what was mentioned in the video, dermarolling is used to to increase the production of collagen topically where applied, which aforementioned in the video, provides strength and elasticity for your hair and skin. It should not be applied topically at the same time as minoxidil, as it could bring the onset of unwanted side effects; it should be used 24 hours apart of applying minoxidil.

Here is a video on my 1-year minoxidil beard results:

Biotin is converted into keratin, the fibrous protein that consolidates your hair, skin and nails. It has also been conducted in a study in women in which there was roughly 300 more hairs in a 180-day period within a 4cm^2 region of the scalp, and may be just as effective in stimulating facial hair growth:

Collagen is an amino acid and the most abundant protein in your body that provides strength and elasticity to you hair, skin, and bones. At age 30, your body begins to slow down the production of collagen, in hand enabling free radicals in your body to damage hair follicles:

The dermaroller contains microneedles that puncture the skin and are thought to increase the production of collagen:


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