Top 4 Hair Loss Treatments | The Hair Transplant Series

Top 4 Hair Loss Treatments | The Hair Transplant Series

Hair loss treatments represent a multi-billion-dollar industry. But do all hair growth miracles work? Listen to what our specialists have to say about the top hair loss treatments and what our 4 favourite choices are at the Toronto Hair Transplant Clinic.
In this video, you’ll learn why it’s essential to meet with experienced specialists for personalized advice.
The THTC provides a variety of options — both surgical and non-surgical — to suit a broad spectrum of patients.
Here are 4 that stand out:
FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant is the new gold standard for permanent hair restoration. Progressive hair loss patients often seek hair transplant surgery, and FUE allows for nearly scarless results. Dr. Torgerson strategically redistributes growing hair from dense areas to thinner regions.
PRP (platelet-rich plasma therapy), which uses your own blood couldn’t be more natural. This quick, in-office hair loss treatment contains concentrated growth factors from platelets. They act like little messengers to stimulate dormant follicles and kick-start thicker hair growth. Find out who makes a good candidate for PRP hair loss treatment in this video.
LLLT (low-level laser therapy) is another innovative hair loss treatment. Theradome’s phototherapy helmet at the THTC is a popular, non-invasive way to boost blood flow and stimulate follicles. Theradome clients see increased hair density and less fallout.
Dr. Torgerson also recommends medication or topical scalp treatments. Finasteride, known as Propecia, can slow or stop hair loss, but the effects aren’t permanent. Revivogen products and Thik Fibers made from the same keratin protein as your hair are an all-natural, cost-effective way to disguise the scalp, creating the illusion of hair.
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