Trichologist Brisbane talk birth contril and hair loss

Trichologist Brisbane talk birth contril and hair loss

Trichologist Brisbane talks Birth Control and Hair Loss

Such a common question that causes unnecessary reactive responses. Birth control on its own can cause pattern hair thinning related to the hormonal effect of the birth control but only when used long term or if the birth control is being used to assist with an underlying hormonal problem. Birth control should not be used to treat hair loss but could be recommended to help with underlying hormonal problems when non-responsive to traditional treatment methods.

Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist will always assist you to understand underlying causes of hormonal problems and advise when synthetic birth control may assist. When it comes to hair loss, it can occur from starting and stopping birth control, it should be temporary and self-correcting. Always remember birth control is causing a change in the body. This change can affect the hair cycle and cause temporary diffuse hair loss, three months after the change.

Trichologist Brisbane talks Birth Control and Hair Loss:
• Can occur three months after starting
• Will continue for three months
• Should stop after three months
• Is supposed to regrow within 12 months

Once hair loss occurs it will continue for three months. It is important to understand this, we can help you to slow it down, but you can’t stop it. What tends to happen when experiencing this post birth control diffuse hair loss, is not to stop the pill which will trigger another bout of hair loss three months later! Don’t be reactive and always seek help from your Absolique Trichologist before starting and stopping birth control and the same goes for all prescription medication and hormone replacement therapy used pre/post menopause.

As Absolique Hair Health Clinic Trichologist I see this responsive reactive behaviour all the time. If they had only reached out to me before starting or stopping birth control first, I could put a plan in place to check the status of the existing hair cycle. We can stabilise this topically and work nutritionally, and it is more common to experience diffuse hair loss from starting/stopping birth control when there are low nutritional levels, especially iron, ferritin, B12 and Vitamin D.

When levels in the body are low, and especially when you are unaware, it can expose you to the diffuse hair loss from stopping and starting birth control and inhibit hair regrowth. Absolique Trichologist can help you to understand the required levels and raise them when low and help you wean off birth control to avoid the dred shed and lead you back to happy hair days. For more information about Trichologist Brisbane talks Birth Control and Hair Loss email Absolique Trichologist Brisbane at we can help get your hair back on track. Trichology consultation and diagnosis services available all over the word.

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