*UPDATE* Dr. Takashi Tsuji Hair Cloning 2020 Result (Human Trial) Transplant Regrowth Bald Cure News

*UPDATE* Dr. Takashi Tsuji Hair Cloning 2020 Result (Human Trial) Transplant Regrowth Bald Cure News

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With new updates concerning Dr Takashi Tsuji’s hair loss treatment, what can you expect?

Dr Takashi Tsuji, who works with the RIKEN research center, first gained the attention of the hair loss community when he announced that he would be releasing a hair loss cure.

In exciting news for those waiting for this cure, a video of a lecture by Dr Tsuki was recently posted in which he stated that his treatment will be available by either 2020 or 2021.

Dr Tsuji’s hair follicle regeneration treatment takes healthy hair follicles from an individual’s scalp and then isolates the papilla and epidermal cells present in the follicle.

These papilla and epidermal cells are thought to play key roles in inducing hair follicle reproduction.

These cells are cultured and used to grow follicle germs which are then implanted back into the patient’s scalp in areas of hair loss.

Although unfortunately, the recent updates about Dr Tsuji’s follicle regeneration treatment also tell us that it will be out of the price range of many.

Dr Tsuji’s stated in his lecture that the initial cost of the treatment will likely range from 20 million to 40 million Yen, which converts to around 183 thousand to 366 thousand U.S. dollars.

While the price is staggering, it is expected to lower within 10 years of release.

Instead of waiting on bated breath, non-invasive treatments like laser therapy could make for an immediate solution!

RedRestore’s Laser cap uses clinically proven wavelengths of red and near-infrared light to support hair growth by improving follicle health, increasing blood flow and combating DHT.

The price will also likely change depending on how it is licensed and distributed around the world.

Clinical trials are yet to start for Dr Tsuji’s regenerative treatment, but it is expected that they may begin as early as 2020.

These new developments have created a lot of buzz in the hair-loss community but if you can’t wait until release, or if the price is putting you off already, there are still plenty of treatments out there that could work for you!

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