Using Laser Hair Growth Therapy To Stop and Reverse My Hair-loss – iRestore Professional

Using Laser Hair Growth Therapy To Stop and Reverse My Hair-loss – iRestore Professional

A lot of guys comment on my hair loss videos saying they are starting to lose their hair and ask what they should do to stop it? Hopefully this video will be a starting point to that answer. After noticing that my hair was thinning and I could no longer hide the fact I was going bald, I assumed shaving my head was the only option out there for me. At least the only option that didn’t come with any nasty side effects. So after shaving my head for over a year, I decided to grow my hair out again just to see how bad it had progressed.

Interestingly enough, several viewers had commented on my recent videos where my hair was visible and said I should look into laser hair therapy. One had even told me they had a buddy whose hair loss was similar to what mine currently looks like and they said he was able to use laser therapy and regrew nearly all of it all back. It really sounded interesting. So I began looking into laser therapy and what it was.

I found a video from NBC’s Dateline about a hair loss study. In the study, the participant who used laser therapy to regrow his hair had pretty noticeable results after 12 months. You can see his results here. This study was several years ago and was done using a laser comb device but the devices today are much more advanced than when this documentary was released.

I also found several before and after pictures of guys who have seen results using laser hair therapy, so the results looked pretty promising. Oh course I worried about side effects, but found there really weren’t any to speak of, it’s pretty safe. Obviously just don’t look into the lasers, that’s bad.

Essentially here is how it works… Red light between the 640 and 670 nano-meters wavelengths cause a biological change to occur within skin tissue. This red light stimulates skin stem cells to bulge into the hair follicles which pushes them into the growth phase.

Now laser therapy may not be for everyone. If you have been bald for a long time, your hair follicles may be dead and past the point where you probably won’t see any results with laser hair therapy. I felt from my research I might be a prime candidate for this kind of treatment. My hair started thinning about two years ago and I haven’t lost too much yet.

Generally laser therapy is best for guys whose hair is between a 2A to a 5 on the Norwood-Hamilton scale. And if you have no idea what any of that means, here is a chart you can compare yourself against to see what you are. I believe I’m probably somewhere between a 3 to four.

There are several companies that offer these types of products, but ultimately I decided that the iRestore Professional was the one I found to be the best option.

The reason I went with It was because it features 82 medical grade lasers and 200 LEDS which operate at 650 nanometers. While the LEDS stimulate cells at the surface, the lasers penetrate deeper for greater stimulation. A lot of these types of devices only incorporate lasers or only LEDS, so the combination of both the lasers and the LEDS makes the iRestore Professional device more effective option in my opinion.

I also thought the iRestore’s design was better. It allows for more coverage on the front, sides and back. Plus I like the fact that I have the option to get a battery pack so I can wear the iRestore without having to sit next to an outlet.

iRestore also offer a 12 month money back guarantee, plus their product has a 4 star rating with over 1100 reviews on amazon, so overall I felt this was the best device I could get and that if it didn’t produce any results, they offered such a solid return policy.

Basically you wear the iRestore 25 minutes a day, every other day. Through research I found that wearing these devices every day can actually cause the opposite effect, so it’s important to remember, only wear the device every other day…

As far as how long it takes to see results, it seems like 6 months is pretty typical, so I probably won’t create an update video until then unless of course I start seeing results sooner.

I’m pretty optimistic about this device though from the research I’ve done. Now it’s time to just wait and see…

If you would like to purchase an i-Restore laser hair helmet like the one I am using in this video, you can do so here – You can use the code SM200 to save $200 on the i-Restore Professional device.


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