Watch your hair grow…Neo Cell and Phyto

Watch your hair grow…Neo Cell and Phyto

**Remember …What you put out into this world is what you get back…Be Kind..Be Beautiful***






Hello my Beautiful anti aging friends! Hope this finds you all well! This is a quick video…I just had to share these products with you…..Always check with your doctor before trying anything new if you have a health condition or are taking medications.

Products mentioned:
NEO CELL Super Collagen+ C Type 1&3

“Questions frequently asked”

Have you had BOTOX or Fillers? NO…I have not had any Botox, fillers or in office procedures….YET…I will not say NEVER…

Please do a HOUSE tour:…I will not be doing a house tour anytime soon…Perhaps if I decide to show DIY projects or decorating tips…BUT I don’t have any plans to do them now!

Who is JOELLE: This video explains:

What does CMT mean: Crazy Miss Tammy

What does Bisous Mean: Kisses in French

If you don’t mind me asking “How old are you”…I am 53. I will be 54 on November 10.

What are you old people doing on YT…We are part of the world too…we are paving the road for YOU ….Listen up…Aging is a part of life…It bites us all in the butt sooner or later…. Remember….it is a Privilege to grow old…many never do!

What are the pink things hanging in the back: They are foot files…they have a special meaning to me…They are there to let a friend know I am always thinking of her …a hello …Just like Carol Burnett tugged on her ear to say goodnight to her Grandma..

Camera I use: Canon EOS T5i
Editing: IMovies
Lighting: Natural sunlight

On my nails: Deborah Lippmann SINGLE LADIES
Shirt: Lucky Brand
Glasses: Prada
Hair towel: TJ MAXX



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