Weekly Ayurvedic Hair Regimen for ULTIMATE Hair Growth, Shine and Curly Definition

Weekly Ayurvedic Hair Regimen for ULTIMATE Hair Growth, Shine and Curly Definition

This is an ayurvedic hair growth mask that you can use on a weekly basis. With any henna and Ayurvedic hair care treatments, you really do have to monitor your hair and judge how your hair feels and what is working best for your hair. Everyone’s hair is individual and just because something may work for someone, it is possible it may not work exactly the same for you.
We recommend you also do write down your recipes and regimens so that way you have notes to refer back to and can add in, if it worked for you or not. We will be having a natural hair journal coming out soon!

Nicole aka Neki Cakes Ayurvedic Hair Mask and Regimen:

-4 tbsp of Organic Amla Powder (use more or less as needed)
-2 tbsp of olive oil (or our Organic Amla Oil, Organic Camellia or Organic Golden Jojoba Oil)
-2 tbsp of ACV
-2 tbsp of warm to hot distilled water

You can adjust with more liquid if desire and even use coconut milk instead if you and your hair prefer.

Optionally you can add about 1 tsp of aloe vera powder to this recipe or 2 tbsp of honey. Do note honey does make it more “liquidy” so you may need more powder if it gets too runny.

Apply this mask onto hair that has been freshly washed with one of our shampoo bars or hair wash treatments. If you prefer not to prewash then make sure to spritz your hair with our Moroccan Rose Water or warm water because applying onto damp hair strands makes the application go on so much easier. Apply this mask from roots to ends.

Leave this mask in your hair at least 1-2 hours. Rinse this mask out with our cleansing cowash or just warm water.

After this mask at 2:18, you can use our Henna Gloss Bar right after this mask for extra deep conditioning. She added coconut milk to it which was extra nourishing! She only used half a bar as well for all of her gorgeous hair.
For any reason you don’t have time, you can use the Henna Gloss Bar the next day as well but we do highly recommend you use the Henna Gloss Bar for the deep conditioning your hair will need. It also strengthens the hair strands.

At 4:06 watch how she washes out the Henna Gloss Bar.

Then at 4:21 we’re detangling while the hair strands are wet which is very easy to do when you’re washing your hair.The best way to detangle in my opinion.

At 4:28 see her results!

At 4:35 Nicole is sealing her hair strands with ACV and Organic Amla Oil. Then she does a final seal with our Cocoveda Hair Oil. Did you know that coconut oil is really a sealant? The best way to use coconut oils is exactly like Nicole does.

At 5:05 you can see her gorgeous results! WOW!

What did you all think? Have you tried this regimen?

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