what you need to know about hairloss, 9 frequently asked questions and answers on hairloss

what you need to know about hairloss, 9 frequently asked questions and answers on hairloss

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What causes your hair to fall out?
• Causes of hair losses in both males and females are as follows
• Women loses hair due to menopauses, childbirth,
• Men losses hair due to baldness and aging.
• Hormonal imbalance can cause hairloss in both males and females.
How can I stop my hair loss?
Here are five s you can stop hair loss if you are already having hairloss
Use laser comb,
Change your hair product
Avoid hot showers
Try scalp massage and
Use prescription medications like finasterides
What deficiencies cause hairloss?
Lack of vitamin D, can cause hair loss, vitamin D , stimulate follicles to produce hair and lack of it can affects hairs.
Can hair loss be a sign of something serious?
Hair loss is not always a symptoms of something serious, but can be a sign of the body inability to produce enough thyroid glands, a condition called. Hypothyroidism.
What is the best vitamin for hair loss?
Vitamins such as vitamin B3, C and biotin, also minerals such zinc and iron are essential for hair regrowth.
Does masturbation cause Hairfall?
No medical study to support this claim, but the frequent release of testostrogene can lead to release of hormones that support hairloss
What should I eat to stop hair loss?
Diet to prevent hair loss, these diet contain essentials nutrient that suppresses hairloss
They are : carrots, prunes, green peas, oats, shrimps, walnuts, and eggs among others.
What should I eat to stop hair loss?
Four possible signs you are losing hair,
Your hair is falling out
Your scalp is showing
Your head is always itchy and finally
Hairline is receding
Is hair loss a sign of diabetes?
Hairloss is not a sign of diabetes, but people having diabetes have lower body immune system, these make hairloss very easy.
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