Why Do People Go Bald – What Causes Hair Loss In Men And Women?

Why Do People Go Bald – What Causes Hair Loss In Men And Women?

WHY DO WE LOSE OUR HAIR? Both Men and Women can lose their hair, in this Video you will learn why you might be losing your hair
and if you can do anything to stop it.

Hair loss is normal and you lose hair every single day, but it’s different and it happens in a different rate than for people
going bald or having thinning hair.

Genetics is the biggest factor in male pattern baldness and reason for men’s hair loss.

Stress and anxiety can cause Hair loss in both men and women, besides the genetic part of the hair loss.
Losing your hair can also be caused by hormonal imbalances linked to your thyroid.
What causes your to hair fall out?
Male pattern baldness is caused by genetics and the gene affects how sensitive your hair follicles are to a hormone called
Dihydrotestosterone or DHT which causes your hair follicles to shrink.
Why don’t women go bald? Find out in this video.

Men can start balding when they are really young, as young as when they are in their teenage years.
But the risk of going bald increases the older you get and the closer relatives you have with male pattern baldness the more
likely you are to get it yourself.


Benefits of going bald and your hairloss: 0:00
Everybody loses hair every day: 0:24
Reasons why you might be losing your hair: 0:34
Nutritional deficiencies causing hair loss in women and men: 0:50
Prevent hair loss with the right nutrition: 1:00
Stress and anxiety causing hair loss in both women and men: 1:10
Hormonal imbalances (thyroid) causing hair loss and thinning hair: 1:35
Male pattern baldness in-depth and DHT, Genetics: 1:50
Balding when you are young: 02.10

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