Woman Hair Loss Bald Surgery Treatment Hairline Transplant Restoration Result www.mhtaclinic.com

Woman Hair Loss Bald Surgery Treatment Hairline Transplant Restoration Result www.mhtaclinic.com

Woman hair loss bald surgery treatment by Hair transplant restoration surgery 1 year follow up result with before and after pictures by Dr. Diep at www.mhtaclinic.com at 408-356-8600 treating black woman receding hairline and corners and female pattern baldness. Dr. Diep specializes in both FUE and FUT.
Dr. Diep is the leading authority in the art of FUT & FUE, Follicular Unit Extraction, hair transplant, natural & dense hairline restoration, filling in bald vertex/crown, beard, goatee, mustache, sideburns & other facial hair surgery such as eyebrows. Through many years of experience, Dr. Diep invented his own FUE instruments and “DFC” Diep FUE Curve technique to harvest all type of hair, including curly hair roots of African origin, performing thousands of hair restoration transplantation, including celebrities in Beverly Hills, professional athletes throughout the United and famous wealthy people from different countries.
MHTA clinic also provides hair restoration for men & women with frontal hair loss, bald mid scalp, balding or thinning vertex/crown, eyebrows transplant, FUE corrective hair surgery to fix PLUGS, fill in scar from face lift, past strip hair transplant and burn.
Female hairline restoration required not only surgical skill, but also artistic and aesthetic skill with numerous details. Dr. Diep has created 8 rules for natural female hairline restoration: 1) URFUT: transplant one refined hair root at a time to ensure naturalness 2) Low Hairline: Women have smaller forehead than men in all ethnicity. Back females tend to have higher hairline than women of other race. 3) Female hairline on average can be from 4 cm up to 6cm measuring from the eyebrows to the hairline. 4) Larger Amplitude of Zizag line: The zizag line in female hairline is larger in amplitude than male. 5) Numerous Single Hair Grafts: there are many single hair grafts transplanted in the hairline and both temples for better naturalness and softer hairline in women than in men 6) Temples angling toward the medial side of the forehead, while Caucasian men have their temple pointed backward toward the ears with the most acute angle with the Asian men have lesser degree. However, Black men can have least acute angling degree toward the ears with the possibility of perpendicular temple angle. However, women of all nationality have their temple angle point away from the ear and toward the middle part of the forehead. 7) Hair Angle: the hair angle starts around 35%-45% in the frontal, increasing in degree toward the back, changing slowly toward both sides. However, the temples hair tends to point downward and backward. 8) Dense packing to increase hair density


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