"You Make Me Happy" – Expressing Love and Gratitude

"You Make Me Happy" – Expressing Love and Gratitude

I LOVE saying the special, magical words “you make me happy”! I love to let other people into my world. I love to wear my heart on my sleeve. I love to exemplify and teach thru example. I LOVE to express just how much someone, anyone, means to me and the positive difference they make in my life. THANKYOU to all the people who make my life better and happier. THANK YOU…! From big to small. You know if you’ve affected me positively. Thanks again!!! 💞💘☇☉😙😘 I feel so happy sharing this!!!

You’re great, love you. You are pure magic LOVE JOY 💚💛💜

It’s How we MAKE UP and Become Better TOGETHER that Matters Most:

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What really bonds is less orgasms and more intercourse:

2 Very Destructive & Limiting Things In Relationships You DON’T Want To Do!

Enjoy life! 😍

Life is for LIVING, Loving and learning!!!

Make the most of every single day and EVERY single situation!

It’s not that we fall that matters most, but how we get back up again.

Each day we wake up and being Alive is the GREATEST Gift! 🌸🌻🌼😘🦊

Choose and then CREATE a beautiful day my sweet friends and human family!

Here to provide you with as much value as possible!


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Life is the greatest gift and we’ve come here deliberately by choice, and everything happens for a reason, including losses, gains, people and relationships coming and going, and the most important thing is to LEARN, so we grow and evolve, and then new perfect people, places, events and lessons come into our life, and often it’s the same relationships that simply EVOLVE AND DEEPEN too, so it’s not all about loss or anything like that. New emerges, like BEAUTIFUL SPRING 🙂

Sincerely, simply & honestly,